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About us

Our Company

B Nutritious is a professional meal preparation agency that is highly fuelled with a burning desire to promote a healthier lifestyle. It was founded in 2014 by Brian Nguyen, a sport fanatic flawed with a little limitation. Brian has always been involved with sports and recreational activities but eating healthy was never part of his lifestyle. In February, 2011 he took a photo and he was completely disappointed when he saw himself. At that moment he realised he needed to make a complete lifestyle change in fitness and nutrition. He joggled from high school football, training Thai boxing (Muay Thai) to competing in the National Physique Committee and throughout the 3 years he invested in the process, he has learnt everything that has to do with nutrition.

Mission & Vision

Brian established B Nutritious after the third year, applying all that he has learned about nutrition. We initially started off by delivering fresh meals to residential homes and commercial businesses weekly but because the significance of healthy living could not be hidden, the expansion of the business was inevitable – now we offer catering, delivery, takeout and dine-in services. Our dine-in services ensures that you are having a healthy meal whether its lunch or dinner. On the other hand, our delivery service makes sure you eat healthy without any excuses wherever you are. It’s not just a diet because diets don’t last. IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!


The wisest decision anyone can make is committing to a healthy diet. A healthy diet doesn’t just stop at making you look good and perform better, but it also helps you save money in your future health costs, regulates weight and even enhances your mood. We offer all our clients nothing less. At B Nutritious, we are inflexible about ensuring that you never find a reason not to enjoy all these benefits. By providing our clients with different healthy irresistible delicacies, we aim to improve their health stats and productivity. We hold our customers at high esteem and we are so keen to establish customer convenience so as to encourage their desire to commit. For this reason, we offer a variety of services to accommodate all your needs – our dishes can be ordered and delivered to you or ordered and picked up at our restaurant. We also offer full services to cater for all kinds of events. Our staff would provide all you need for a buffet line – the chafing dishes, utensils, condiments and many more. Of course, you can always dine-in with us at our restaurant whenever it is convenient.