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About us

If someone would have told Brian Nguyen 10 years ago that he would find his true calling and great success as the founder of a health food and meal prep concept, he may well have laughed out loud. However, that was not exactly because he had a firm grasp on what his true calling was at that time.

As Brian tells it, he is not someone for whom things came easily as a young man. He had to work hard in school but found ways to excel through sheer dedication. He was also active in sports, playing football for his high school team.

When he arrived in college, Brian weighed about 180 pounds. However, he was no longer part of a sports team and his diet consisted largely of fast food and Mexican food. Within just a few years, his health began to decline and his weight increased to 240 pounds.

After college, Brian began an ascending career in the insurance industry. Though he was making a good living, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with the path his life was on. Despite making good money, he was not happy with a job which required him to sit at a desk in an office all day, every day. He was also frustrated with the effects that lifestyle had on his health. As his weight increased and his physique continued to decline, Brian began to notice adverse effects to his overall health, as well.

Like many great business leaders and innovators before him, Brian finally got to a point where he realized he needed to make some drastic changes.

First, he got involved in fitness and athletics again. He became very active in Muay Thai training and eventually began competing in the National Physique Committee. The key to this drastic transformation, though, was the change that Brian made to his diet and nutrition. Through his own independent research and studies, Brian began meal prepping for himself. After growing up in an Asian-American household and falling in love with Asian cuisine, Brian adopted a variety of Asian-fusion concepts into his meals.

This process of meal prepping and the knowledge that Brian gained along the way inspired him to share this work with others. In 2014, he established B Nutritious as a meal prep service. In the beginning, his clientele consisted largely of family and friends. Soon, Brian was serving the friends and families of all these friends and families. Before long, he was making deliveries to clients all over Southern California.

Brian had landed on a job and a concept that he was passionate about and this passion grew the more he saw people enjoying his food and realizing health and fitness goals through their healthy diets. In order for this business to grow, though, Brian knew he needed a brick-and-mortar location. He didn’t want to be just another meal prep service.

He launched the first B Nutritious restaurant in El Monte, California in 2015 and, in doing so, created a one-stop-shop for the modern consumer who wants to eat healthy on a consistent basis. Not only did Brian provide his local community in El Monte with an enticing assortment of healthy foods, he also established a service model which provides the utmost convenience for each and every guest.

It wasn’t enough for Brian to change his life for the better. Through B Nutritious, he is sharing that path with a growing number of clients throughout Southern California and – soon – the rest of the United States.