Cassandra Camarillo

Hi my name is Cassandra Camarillo. I was done feeling over weight and I had to do something about it. After having my son, I didn't have the motivation again. One day I was on Instagram, and B Nutritious popped up on my feed. I loved how you guys do meal preps and are affordable. Plus I didn't have time to cook healthy. So I gave it a try. Doing the meal preps consistently, I notice a big change. I was dropping so much weight, I couldn't believe it. The left picture I was 189 and the right 155. I'm feeling more energy and happy. Just wanted to thank you guys so much, I'm feeling like myself again. Every time I pick up my meal preps, everyone smiles and has great energy. Positive  environment. The manager is great and always helping me out with my pickup times. Thank you guys again.

Juan Castro

This is my transformation. Yes, sacrifice, dedication, and hard work are all part of this lifestyle transformation. As you know 80% of results come from nutrition. I’ve been a loyal and  weekly customer since April 2018. B Nutritious is a professional company and having them on my side has been by far the best investment I have made for my health. I don’t have to cook, clean, or spend time  hesitating what I’m going to eat next. My meals are always ready, and I don’t miss a week due to the professional service Brian and Molly provide together. I went from ordering 9 meals weekly to now getting 15 meals every week, so that my family can enjoy the benefits of wholesome food. I highly recommend B Nutritious, not only does it taste delicious, its affordable and a reliable service. If you’re looking for the right meal prep company, look no further. B Nutritious will keep you and your lifestyle aligned.


Alison Cuasay

I have been eating B Nutritious meals for the past 6 months. Their meal plans have helped me loose 45 lbs....and I’m still loosing weight!  I am a busy, working mom and my whole family loves their food; they have enough variety and a great menu selection so we don’t eat the same thing morning, noon, and night. When I used to prep my own meals, I spent all day in the kitchen and then had to clean up—it was exhausting. Since starting with B Nutritious we cut down on a lot of our food waste and I actually get to spend my weekends with my family. That, right there, makes the meal plans so valuable. Now about my weight loss: the meals, portions, and easily available macro-nutrient information has made it so easy to integrate with my medically-managed (non surgical) weight loss program. I am now exercising a lot too!  I used to be a runner and I’m now back out on the road and training to run my first 10k race in more than 10 years. I finally feel like I’m getting back to being a better, healthier version of myself. Thank you!