BNutritious 143 800B Nutritious is a meal preparation and fast-casual food franchise specializing in healthier, faster, fresher, lighter and tastier customizable bowls, salads, sides and protein shakes. Our food is always made fresh and served quickly using organic, sustainable and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Our mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle starting from the inside out. We promote all natural, simple, wholesome clean eating. We offer great tasting Asian fusion cuisine through numerous service channels including dine in, take out, delivery, catering and weekly meal plans.


A healthy diet doesn’t just stop at making you look good and perform better. According to the Mayo Clinic, it also helps you save money in your future health costs, regulates weight and even enhances your mood. At B Nutritious, we offer all our clients and guests nothing less.  

B Nutritious provides the principles of advanced nutrition packaged within a flexible healthy lifestyle approach. Because we hold our customers in high esteem, we focus our menu on quality flavorful ingredients and concentrate our business services on customer convenience.


b nutritious restaurant grand opening by parallel 800bB Nutritious is excited to offer a unique food franchise opportunity to motivated entrepreneurs who love the restaurant business and have a passion for bringing a new and exciting healthy restaurant concept to their community.

Our efficient restaurant model starts as low as $270,000 and has great unit economics.  Our efficient, recurring revenue model, combined with the growth of busy lifestyles and demand for all natural, healthy dining, makes a B Nutritious restaurant ideal for any thriving community in North America easily accessible to at least 40,000 people.

From the beginning our mission was to proactively equip our organization with premium franchisee profit-centric systems. This mission has but one purpose, to vigilantly protect our most valuable assets… our franchisees.  We work directly with our franchisees to effectively support the development and ongoing operation of a highly efficient 1,500 to 2,500 square foot restaurant. Our support includes the following and more:

  • LOCATION selection and lease negotiation to assure your best location value.  
  • BUILD OUT assistance with interior design, secure a contractor and oversee the restaurant development.
  • TRAINING at our national headquarters for 2 – 3 week followed by on-site training just prior and during your opening.
  • SUPPLIERS support to set up accounts with approved supplier network for all the top quality ingredients.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT to assure your store has everything it needs to succeed including menu research and development, cost saving procurement, local and brand centric marketing campaigns as well as social media and public relations to create a buzz in your area.


B Nutritious offers a unique food franchise that meets the rapidly growing demand for delicious and wholesome meals through recurring meal plans, catering, delivery, takeout and dine-in. If you are a people person, believe in a healthy lifestyle and recognize the strength of a recurring revenue model, we welcome your interest and will be happy to answer your initial questions.