CLean eating, Franchised

Clean Eating, Franchised.

Clean Eating, Franchised.

Transform your community with franchise opportunities.


We believe that a good experience starts with good food. More than a restaurant, B Nutritious offers your customers a path to a healthier life. Be a part of the health revolution, change your community for the better, and build up a base of loyal, driven customers with your own franchise.

Be part of a thriving industry

A healthy diet doesn’t just stop at making you look good and perform better. According to the Mayo Clinic, it also helps you save money in your future health costs, regulates weight and even enhances your mood. At B Nutritious, we offer all our clients and guests nothing less.

B Nutritious provides the principles of advanced nutrition packaged within a flexible healthy lifestyle approach. Because we hold our customers in high esteem, we focus our menu on quality flavorful ingredients and concentrate our business services on customer convenience.

Leverage great unit economics

Our efficient restaurant model starts as low as $248,200 and has great unit economics.  Our efficient, recurring revenue model, combined with the growth of busy lifestyles and demand for all-natural, healthy dining, makes a B Nutritious restaurant ideal for any thriving community in North America easily accessible to at least 40,000 people.

We work directly with our franchisees to effectively support the development and ongoing operation of a highly efficient 1,500 to 2,500 square foot restaurant.


Capitalize on a growing industry. Enjoy comprehensive franchisor support.

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Getting started is easier than you think

Start with a Franchise Application

Fill out the form below. Please be as detailed a possible providing relevant background experience and financial resources. Our franchise department will review your application with consideration of your business experience.

Begin Site Search

Upon approval, we will connect you with a real estate agent in your area to scout for a lucrative site with our requirements to lead your store to success.


A blueprint will be mocked up to make sure the store is consistent with our brand. A list of proper equipment, materials, and interior design will be provided.


Corporate trainers will be on hand to teach the owner, manager, and entire staff our standard procedures.

Store Opening

Our corporate team will visit during the stores soft opening to ensure a smooth transition. At the end of this process we expect store employees to be fully prepared to handle business operations.

Ongoing Support

Once your store is up and running our team will assure your store has everything it needs to succeed including menu research development, cost saving procurement, local and brand centric marketing campaigns, as well as social media and public relations to create buzz in your area.


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