Our Story



Who we are

Gaining over 60 pounds is a hard realization to wake up to. That is what our founder, Brian, had to come to terms with following years working in the insurance industry. Though he was active in high school and college, the stresses of real life soon took their toll on his eating habits, with predictable results.

Brian knew he needed to make a change.

Following a lot of research, Brian found the secret to good fitness was not just what you did but what you ate. Enter meal prep. What started as making prepared meals for family and friends soon grew into several brick-and-mortar B Nutritious locations.

Meal prep changed Brian’s life. We’d like to change your life too. When getting healthy meals delivered to your door is as easy as clicking a button, great things happen.

Be the best you can be. Be healthy. B Nutritious.


Story Behind B Nutritious

Good food can change your life

When was the last time you felt good about what you were eating? A lot of days it is hard to find the time to eat right. That is why we created B Nutritious.

Consciously-sourced seasonal ingredients with super powers.

We believe in food that works for you, to nourish you as healthfully as possible…without sacrificing flavor. Based on the anti-inflammatory food pyramid, the brainchild of our founder Dr. Andrew Weil, renowned doctor of integrative medicine, every single ingredient on our menu is carefully selected and hand-crafted into signature dishes that make eating well effortless, energizing and most importantly, full of flavor.

Craveable food that boosts your mood.

We’re known for our philosophy. We’re loved for our food. Whether it’s the umami on our signature grass-fed burger, a well-massaged kale salad with a tart and lemony dressing, the hearty comfort of a bowl of beloved grains or a rustic handmade pizza piled high with a rainbow of the season’s best bounty, we believe that good food evokes a good mood. And you should have both in abundance.

Familiar favorites, reimagined.

For everything. Each one of our restaurants has its own chef-led culinary team who take ingredients, spices and one-of-a-kind finds to bold new heights with an eye for peak-season freshness, bright flavors and combinations, and an always creative take on your classic favorites.

Eat Optimistically.

When it comes to healthy eating, we choose to look at the plate half-full instead of half empty, and we want the world to do the same. At our table, we believe you should eat with passion. We believe the choices you make should sustain your appetite, your health and your planet. We believe in approaching food – both making it and eating it – with genuine curiosity and a healthy dose of creativity. And we do it all with a firm commitment to one thing. Staying TRUE to every word. And we believe that’s something to feel good about. Grab a seat.